The Arts and PE


Children at Hampton Infant School and Nursery enjoy the exploration and creation of Art and Design, and are equipped with the necessary skills to do so. The children feel safe enough in their environment to take risks and challenge themselves.  At West Lodge, The children are given the opportunity to explore their individuality through autonomy within lessons. We aim for all of our children to have access to and enjoy the curriculum as well as the wide range of extra curricula activities.  They should all be given the opportunity to express themselves through music and be uplifted by music and song. The children experience music from all around the world and gain knowledge of other cultures whilst listening to, performing and even composing an assortment of music styles.


Physical Education can develop a variety of abilities. These are; physical, social, cognitive, psychological and creativity.  At Hampton Infant School and Nursery we provide a high-quality, inclusive and creative PE curriculum for all children to have the opportunity to be successful and excel in each ability. 

Our objectives through teaching PE are:

- for children to lead healthy, active lives.

- to ensure children are physically active for sustained periods of time.

- to develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

- to engage in competitive sports and activities.

We teach a variety of physical activities that are fun, engaging and that promotes the opportunity for children to become increasingly competent and confident. Some of these activities include; dance, gymnastics, multi skills, fundamental movement skills, outdoor adventurous activities and swimming. 

There are also many opportunities for children to take part in extracurricular activities to further develop their abilities in specific sports and physical activities. These include; dance, gymnastics, football, tennis and multi-sports.