The Executive Leadership Team

Welcome to Hampton Infant School and Nursery (HISN) which is part of the Hampton Primary Partnership (HPP) with Hampton Junior School. This partnership enables the two schools to closely work together to provide a consistently high standard of education and a coherent approach to the education of all our children. HPP has a single governing body but both schools retain their individual identities and Ofsted ratings.  We have a shared vision, to be a partnership in which all children have the opportunity to reach excellence and we work hard to achieve this.

It is a great privilege to be part of the Executive Leadership Team at HPP, this team includes myself Helen Lockey, and the Heads of both schools. Miss Claire Tester is the Head of School (HoS) at Hampton Infant School and Nursery. We are ably supported by a dedicated and highly skilled leadership team, talented staff and a strong governing body

Our school works to ensure the best teaching and learning experiences for your child. We want all the children to enjoy coming to school and to be enthusiastic about their learning. We nurture and inspire them to be active in their personal development and education. We have a strong culture of learning for all within school as well as high expectations of personal behaviour and attainment. All members of our HPP community strive to be the best they can be.   


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Hampton Infant School Calendar

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EventStart timeEnd time
Yr 1 parents phonics meeting09:00 Tuesday 21 Jan 202010:00 Tuesday 21 Jan 2020
EYFS parents developmental writing meeting09:00 Friday 24 Jan 202010:00 Friday 24 Jan 2020
Yr 2 parents SATS meeting09:00 Tuesday 28 Jan 202010:00 Tuesday 28 Jan 2020
Class 5 assembly for parents09:00 Friday 31 Jan 202009:30 Friday 31 Jan 2020
HISNA race night19:00 Saturday 1 Feb 202023:00 Saturday 1 Feb 2020
Singing hands workshop Reception & Nursery Friday 7 Feb 2020 Friday 7 Feb 2020
Yr 1 showcase for parents09:00 Thursday 13 Feb 202009:30 Thursday 13 Feb 2020
Class 7 assembly for parents09:00 Friday 14 Feb 202009:30 Friday 14 Feb 2020
Paul Geraghty - Author visit09:00 Sunday 1 Mar 202010:00 Sunday 1 Mar 2020
Book Day - children to dress as book characters Thursday 5 Mar 2020 Thursday 5 Mar 2020
Class 8 assembly for parents09:00 Friday 6 Mar 202009:30 Friday 6 Mar 2020
KS1 & Reception Parent consultations15:15 Tuesday 10 Mar 202018:15 Tuesday 10 Mar 2020
Nursery consultations15:45 Tuesday 10 Mar 202018:15 Tuesday 10 Mar 2020
Nursery parent consultations13:00 Thursday 12 Mar 202019:00 Thursday 12 Mar 2020
KS1 & reception parent consultations16:00 Thursday 12 Mar 202019:00 Thursday 12 Mar 2020
mid day Nursery parent consultations09:00 Friday 13 Mar 202012:00 Friday 13 Mar 2020
Music Festival Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 Tuesday 17 Mar 2020
Class 6 assembly for parents09:00 Friday 27 Mar 202009:30 Friday 27 Mar 2020
Easter bonnets Thursday 2 Apr 2020 Thursday 2 Apr 2020