We inspire a love of reading and the ability to read for information through daily guided reading sessions, author visits and the regular use of our excellent school library.  We carefully select high quality texts from a diverse range of authors, ensuring that the children are immersed in a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry alongside media texts.  The school gives children regular opportunities for speaking and listening and holds an annual speech competition, which the children greatly enjoy. Children also have regular lessons to help develop comprehension skills.

We have included our suggested reading lists for this year.

Year 3 suggested reading list

Year 4 suggested reading list

Year 5 suggested reading list

Year 6 suggested reading list



Children’s writing skills in transcription and composition are developed through a text-based approach to learning, where every child will experience a minimum of 5 complete, high-quality texts each year.  As well as this, the children will be taught a range of narrative techniques used by writers to improve their work. Additional weekly sessions in grammar, punctuation and spelling ensure the children have the prerequisite skills to write accurately, concisely and confidently.  

HJS guide to reading and writing badges